Proposed change to Carbondale’s zoning designation of Neighborhood Business.

Dear NCNA members & supporters,
The NCNA board met recently to discuss a proposed change to Carbondale’s zoning designation of Neighborhood Business. While I think we’d all love to see things like a neighborhood cafe or bakery, the language as proposed is fairly open to whatever a City Council deems appropriate, including auto repair shops, convenience stores, etc. The Planning Commission just passed this change last week, with little discussion, and the City Council will be voting on it next Tuesday, March 19th. We are concerned that the process is being rushed, and would rather see it slowed down, to allow for careful consideration and citizen review and input before putting this drastic change into the code.
If you agree, we urge you to join us in person at the next City Council meeting, this Tuesday, March 19th, at 7:00 pm at City Hall. If you cannot be there, please email or call the City Council members to urge them to table this issue to ensure:

    (1) The Comprehensive Plan is considered and included;

    (2) Appropriate citizen feedback has been gathered and considered;

    (3) Inappropriate businesses are not permitted; and,

    (4) That all language is clear and unambiguous

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