NCNA Candidate Questionnaire Responses

Back in February, the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors sent a request to all members asking for questions to put on a questionnaire for City Council Candidates. We gathered the submitted questions and sent the questionnaire to the candidates. We have received some responses, and we expect a few more. We will post additional questionnaires as we receive them.

The bylaws of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association prohibit us from endorsing any candidates, but facilitating political education and participation are among our goals. We offer the candidate questionnaires in the spirit of encouraging participation and facilitating voter education.

It is also worth noting that although two candidates for council are members of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association’s Board of Directors, and a third candidate is a member of NCNA, those candidates were not included in the preparation of this questionnaire. They were excluded from all discussions of the questionnaire and were not invited to submit questions. They did not see the questionnaire before any of the other candidates. We were careful to keep the process fair and unbiased.

Please click the links below to view each candidate’s response. Candidates who responded are listed in the order their response was received. Candidates who have not yet responded are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot.

2013 Carbondale City Council Candidate Questionnaires

  • Navreet Kang
  • Lee Fronabarger
  • Carolin Harvey
  • Jessica Bradshaw
  • Blaine Tisdale (questionnaire not yet returned)
  • Brent Ritzel (questionnaire not yet returned)
  • William Graham (questionnaire not yet returned)
  • Jerrold Hennrich (questionnaire not yet returned)
  • Luke L. Adams, Jr. (questionnaire not yet returned)
  • Karim H. Abdullah (questionnaire not yet returned)
  • Tony D. Holsey (questionnaire not yet returned)
  • Pepper Holder (questionnaire not yet returned)
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