News about Neighborhood Watch Program

The following is an email from Dan Presley who lives in the Arbor District.  This is a very good overview of the meeting he attended August 5th.  Note if you want to be a block captain: send a note to this e-mail .  Also, please forward this to those you think will be interested.  Sounds  like a good idea to revitalize this program.

“I attended a meeting today hosted by the Carbondale City Police department.  They are reaching out to the community (albeit with one day’s notice) to learn if/how we might reorganize the Neighborhood Crime Watch program throughout the city.

I gave them a lot to think about from the perspective of a home owner and member of the Arbor District.  I requested that they give the community at least a couple weeks advance notice if they want good participation in the future. I also challenged the group to think about meeting with some frequency until a new plan can be put into motion.

That’s where you come in.  The police department is looking for Block Captains – responsible for reaching out to new neighbors to be sure everyone is reporting suspicious activities and to spread the word about available resources. If you are interested in becoming a block captain please reply to this email and I’ll add you to a list I’m preparing. THIS IS NOT LIMITED TO THE ARBOR DISTRICT BOUNDARIES – so feel free to forward this email to other people who might be interested.  I’ll provide more details on the role as they become available.”

Some resources already available to us include:

House watch – If you are going out of town, have the police drive-by and make a physical inspection up to three times a day (once per shift). The service is free, and your residence can be listed in the House Watch program for up to 45 days.  All you need to do is fill out a request form which can also be obtained at the Carbondale Police Department and website.

Ride Along program – This is simply “riding along” with one of your police officers to get an inside view of what our offers face out there – anyone can do this. Individual participants may take part in this program once a month. Contact Lieutenant Mark Stearns at (618) 457-3200, ext. 436 or email:

Request and extra patrol – If you feel your street could use some extra patrolling, contact the Police Department’s non-urgent phone number and place a request.

Read how to help prevent a burglary on your home –

Sign up for the Crime Report newsletter – Get updates a day after crimes happen around the city. Sign-up on the right-side of the home page:

Be safe!

Daniel Presley

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