Annual Meeting September 29th

Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association

will hold its Annual Neighborhood Meeting

29 September 2013

2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.

at the Armory (on the NW corner of Sycamore and Oakland Streets)

The NWCA’s boundaries are defined as beginning with Memorial Hospital on the East to Denny’s on the West and North to include the Industrial Park.  If you live, own a business, work , or are otherwise interested in this part of Carbondale, please plan on attending this important meeting.

Beginning with election of officers and Board members for the upcoming year, and a minor change to its by-laws, the organization is requesting input from residents on:

·      *accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also known as “Fonzie flats,” or “mother-in-law” apartments;

·      *formation/creation of “Traditional Neighborhood District(s)”;

·      *requesting clarification from the City on reconstruction of property built before original zoning that may replace/repair an existing structure;

·      *requesting clarification on how the zoning rule that will ban all non-owner occupied trailers in the City limits beginning January 2014 will be enforced;

·     * discovering why trash dropped or scattered on pick-up day by the collectors is swept up and removed in some parts of the city and left on the street in other parts of town

·      *goal-setting for the next year.

If you have ideas and would like to contribute your time (three-five hours or more a month) to the work of the Association, please consider running for a seat on the Board.

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