Community Announcements

The Carbondale Police Department invites you to a citywide Neighborhood Watch meeting. Get the latest information about crime in our community, meet our Support Services Officers, and learn about the Crime Stoppers organization.


TIME: 5:00P.M.



457-3200 ext.471 -Contact person: Kimberly M. Brooks, Carbondale Police Department, 501 S. Washington Street; 457-3200 ext. 471

Other announcements:

– The next Friends of the Library Book Sale will be the first weekend in April.
Phone: 618-457-0354, ext. 313 Fax: 618-457-0353 Email:

4. Carbondale Main Street– Meghan Cole ; Ongoing events and work in the area of economic development, and design. Dan Carmody, a speaker who helped develop the “Upstairs Downtown” program in northern Illinois who speaks all over the nation- April 4.

6. Keep Carbondale Beautiful-Sarah Heyer ; April 12 – Spring Cleanup and Recycling Day

7. RBF Dome NFP The R. Buckminster Fuller Dome Home Restoration Project: Lifting the Dome Ground Breaking April 19, 2014.  The start of the restoration construction. 1-4
For more information: Jon Daniel Davey President; 618 559 8931

8.  Nonviolent Carbondale Coalition Proposal – Community Rights Initiative

Imagining Geographies [IG] sponsored events  

1982225_494948783950152_1362478974_n  April 4: The Community of Rights, Rights of Community. 5pm, School of Law, Room 102. Lecture. Speaker: Martha Nandorfy (University of Guelph, Canada).

April 5: Why Collect Stories of Communal Life. 4pm, Cristaudo’s @ 209 S. Illinois Ave, Carbondale, IL. Workshop. With Angela Aguayo (Cinema & Photography)

April 12,  (check time and place)        Workshop #2     Techniques in Auto-ethnography.    Cdale Boys & Girls Club

April 26, (check time and place)  Workshop #3     Sharing Stories We Researched

Nonviolent Carbondale Coalition Event

 April 6,  5 PM:   Community Meeting & Meal – – Carbondale Community Bill of Rights  —  Building upon the previous events, this meeting will facilitate community-wide discussion of the question:


Do we want to advance a Community Bill of Rights campaign in Carbondale?  


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