Discussion of Proposed Solar Project at Koppers Site tonight

Discussion Of Proposed Solar Project

At Former Koppers Site

Wednesday, July 30 @ 7:00 PM

Eurma Hayes Center, 441 E Willow St

At the request of the Carbondale City Council, Brightfields Development LLC has agreed to set up two informational sessions on the proposed solar installation on the Former Koppers Wood-Treatment Site located at 1555 North Marion Street. The first information session will be held on July 30 at the Eurma C. Hayes Center. The second information session will be held later in the fall.

Brightfields Development LLC has applied to the City Council for a Special Use Permit regarding plans for a solar energy generating facility at the Former Koppers Wood-Treatment Site in northeast Carbondale. During the July 30th information session, Brightfields personnel will be in attendance to discuss the proposed solar installation along with specific details related to construction, layout, technology, and the installation of the arrays. Representative from US EPA will also be in attendance to discuss any environmental concerns related to the planned solar installation.

The former Koppers Wood-Treating site, located in the northeast corner of Carbondale, dates back to 1902 when the Koppers Co. treated railroad ties, utility poles, and other wood products. Until the plant closed in 1991, wood products were treated with chemical preservatives including creosote. Residents on the northeast side have expressed concern that new activity on the site may disturb the remaining pollution. Some have also said that the proceeds of the project should benefit the survivors of past pollution who may need medical testing or medical care. This meeting will be an opportunity for Brightfields to respond to citizen questions about these environmental safety and environmental justice concerns.

For more information or special accommodations at the meeting contact Caitlin McSherry at cmcsherry@brightfieldsllc.com or by phone at 781-772-2876. For more information about the Koppers site visit the EPA website about Koppers.

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