Downtown Advisory Committee – Special Event

Friends of the Downtown Advisory Committee

You are invited to an evening of music, discussion and decision making as the DAC meets to consider Art, Music, and Entertainment  in Downtown Carbondale. We will be gathering at the Varsity Center for the Arts on the evening of Wednesday, October 29. The doors open at 6:00 with the lobby of the Varsity humming to old Timey, Hillbilly Music created by our local band, The Whistlepigs.

After introductions by Varsity Center President Peter PirmannTrent Stevens, MedPrep Admissions Coordinator at SIUC, will discuss “arts and entertainment mix” in downtown, along with thoughts on marketing Carbondale’s entertainment venues. Curtis Conley, President of the Carbondale Music Coalition and promoter of the Carbondale Rocks Revival Festival will discuss Carbondale’s legendary music scene. And Marie Bukowski, Director of the School of Art and Design at SIUC, will present ideas for “art streetscapes”.

Art, Music and Entertainment is the 6th community meeting of the Downtown Advisory Committee. Previous meetings have examined downtown traffic, business development, SIU/SIH and the Gigabit City, as well as signage and streetscapes. The meetings have been very well attended with dozens if not hundreds of ideas, questions and statements from the audience. There is a 7th meeting on economic, civic and neighborhood vitality on November 12 at Carbondale Community High School.

The final  meeting on December 4 will be a grand summing up of the Committee’s deliberations and determination of the Vision of Downtown Carbondale. In many ways the most important of the meetings, the public is urged to attend. We will follow up with time and location as we get closer to the meeting.

D. Gorton Communications for the DAC

618 457 8228


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