Armory requesting rezoning

The city council approved the Neighborhood Business District changes last month, and the Armory is beginning the process of rezoning. They’re going before the planning commission on Wednesday to request rezoning to NB and to request special use permits for all uses that require a special use permit in the NB district.
We are attaching the letter the Armory owners are providing to the public with more information and a request for support.   Armory Information Letter
NCNA considers this an important issue for our neighborhood and urges you to contact the Armory owners if you have questions and/or attend the planning commission meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 6:00 PM in room 108 at the Civic Center.
PC 15-05, Andy Wallace is requesting a rezoning from R-1-8, Low Density Residential, to NB, Neighborhood Business. The applicant is further requesting Special Use Permits for all land uses which require a Special Use Permit in the NB, Neighborhood Business district.
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