Minutes May 6, 2015 Meeting, Carbondale City Hall

Attending: Mary Pohlmann, Mary O’Hara, Sandy Litecky; Daniel Presley; Mary Campbell; Kathy Benedict; Clara Mclure

  1. Announcements—Keep Carbondale Beautiful; Downtown updates –There may be an online Component for people to submit ideacars about the Downtown.  Last meeting of the group not well attended.  When is the next meeting??? Statewide Main Street Conference in Carbondale, June 2325; Yo Presley new President of Northwest Neighborhood Association
  1. Neighborhood  Reports — Most of the meeting was spent discussing recent Noise ordinance and  Southern Illinoisan response and approaches to letters to the editor;  Several major points made in the discussion 1. Big loud parties are more than an Arbor District issue; 2; Many of us thought the Arbor District was looking for a Nuisance ordinance as opposed to just a noise ordinance.  We agreed that as things stand, the property owners are still left out of the problem solving; 3.  We also would like discussions of noise and nuisance neighborhood issues to be placed in the context of what the Comprehensive plan states about the significance and conditions in Carbondale’s Neighborhoods.  What follows is the introductory statement in the Comprehensive Plan on Neighborhoods:

CHAPTER 4: Housing and Neighborhoods

Carbondale’s long‐term future as a community is inextricably tied to its housing conditions. Housing is central to almost any discussion about City affairs, no matter whether the focus is on economic development opportunities, student enrollment trends at SIU, or the ability to simply walk from one neighborhood to another. The reason for a focus on housing was evident in public meetings and Plan Review Committee discussions: deteriorating neighborhoods need to be rehabilitated to avoid further decline. The timing of this critical housing issue is not by chance. It is a culmination of several long‐term trends: historic disinvestment in rental units aimed at a captive student population, recent increases in rental market supply created by new housing options near campus, and an aging housing stock that, without rehabilitation is approaching obsolescence. Carbondale’s current housing challenge may be succinctly summarized:

The answer is not as simple. Identifying the proper actors and funding sources for housing improvements offers a long list of potential options. Any long‐term solution will require many levels of partnership, whether between City and University or neighborhoods, owners, and developers. This chapter brings together potential solutions and strategies that can serve as immediate, mid‐term, and long‐range initiatives to improve existing housing conditions.

Updates and Planning on Noise ordinance-Next steps????

  1. Map Your Neighborhood—Mary O’Hara made a presentation to the Morning Rotary Club in May; She attended the Monthly– Southern Illinois—discussion.
  1. Planning Commission-Over the past few years, Neighborhoods have had strong representation on the Planning Commission with either having members that were on boards of neighborhood organizations or members who have worked on a regular basis in Neighborhood organizations.  What should be done about future appointments.
  1. Online presence—Planning List of Websites of Groups presenting at Neighborhood Alliance Meetings for website ;
  2. Meetings over the Summer??

Public comment and Questions

For further information, please contact:
Mary O’Hara 713-0820
Sarah Heyer 549-5302


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