Neighborhood Action Group – June Minutes

MINUTES                                       Neighborhood Action Group

Wednesday June 3, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. in the City Hall / Civic Center.

Attending were Peg Falcone, Karriem Shariati, Kathy Benedict, Sarah Heyer, Mary Pohlmann, Mike Henry, John Michalesko, Clara McClure, Eric McMillan, Stephen Phillips

Mayor Henry has been visiting all commissions and official groups.  Some of his news:

  • His next appointment to the Planning Commission will be Sandy Litecky.
  • He had invited Carlton Smith to attend; both hope to facilitate a neighborhood association for the northeast.  Resources include many groups active in the Northeast: mosque and churches, NAACP, Spirit of Attucks. Peg Falcone offered help with the structure of an association. Eric McMillan suggested a walk-around (with reps from City, CPD, and neighborhood).
  • He hopes to increase socialization among groups to draw the community closer together. One idea is to have a concert at Attucks.
  • Interim Police Chief Grubbs is building back Crimestoppers and Neighborhood Watch.
  • He’d like to see new ideas for enforcing the “no more than two unrelated adults” in some neighborhoods.


  • Keep Carbondale Beautiful will be hosting a garden tour Sunday, June 7, 11-3. Get tickets and map ($5pp) at Old Train Depot.
  • Sparrow Coalition will host “Homeless in Carbondale” on June 23, 6-7:30 pm, at the Carbondale Public Library.  SIU Communications lecturer and author Josh Phillips will present, followed by discussion. [added after the meeting]

Neighborhood  Reports

  • Clara McClure said that information on break-ins was reported to the Oaklawn neighborhood through communications from the C’dale Police, then relayed to residents through e-mail and a phone tree.
  • Eric McMillan: Liberty Village group meets every other month, now discussing green space.
  • Noise ordinance—Peg Falcone described work to date. The concern was the large parties that turn into huge parties and get out of control.  Arbor District envisioned a two-phase plan: first get parties under control; second involve landlords (adding information to leases).   She noted several outcomes of the new ordinance:  definition of noise expanded beyond amplified sound; police could act without a specific complaint being called in; there are provisions for notifying a landlord when tickets are issued; and there are specific fines.  Phase 2 might be better addressed by a coalition of neighborhoods.  We will keep this item on our agenda for future discussion.

Map Your Neighborhood

  • Mary Pohlmann noted that the Boys & Girls Club will have a camp on emergency preparedness, July 6-17.
  • Karriem Shariati invited Mary P to speak at Rock Hill. This led to a discussion of churches as centers in an emergency.

Online presence

Sarah Heyer and Karriem Shariati will consolidate their lists of Groups presenting at Neighborhood Alliance Meetings. Goal is to have links to their websites.

Meetings over the Summer

We agreed to have a meeting in July and at that point decide on August.

Next meeting:  Wednesday, July 1, at 5 pm in the Carbondale Civic Center.

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