Zoning variance requested along High Street

Public Notice: There will be a Public Hearing on January 13, 2016 at 6:30 PM of the Zoning Board of Appeals. Northwest Neighborhood Residents are urged to attend. Meeting is at City Hall. Details below:

Applicant/Owner: Brunton Properties Inc, 819 Vandalia St., Collinsville, IL 62234

Required Action: Brunton Properties, Inc is requesting a variance from Section 15-4.8.7 of the Carbondale Revised Code, which requires rooming houses to provide 1 parking space per bedroom for property located at 815 West High Street. This is Zoning Board of Appeals case ZBA 16-02.

The City Off-Street Parking Schedule is …rooming houses: 1 space per bedroom with a minimum of 1.5 spaces per dwelling unit.

The Langdon house (815) was sold about 8 months ago. http://www.achaten-suisse.com/ It has seven bedrooms (four added for grandchildren visits about 25 years ago), but as this has always been a private family residence there is parking space for two cars only. However, since this house was sold we believe there are seven young people living in it. Recently the City has made the parking across the street parallel parking only, which has accommodated the young people’s four trucks, one jeep, one SUV type car and one other!!!!! These vehicles (not including the ones parked in the driveway of 815) have occupied parking space on most nights for more than one third of that parking area. This has occasioned considerable difficulty for visitors to other homes on the block, not to mention the impossibility of parking for those attending events in the former Bowen Gym.

All the neighbors are objecting to the proposed variance being granted, it should be noted that both sides of High St. are zoned R2 which does allow rooming houses.

High Street residents need all the help we can muster to persuade the Zoning Board to vote the proposal down. Whatever the Zoning Board of Appeals decides will be FINAL unless someone appeals the decision in court.

Please try to attend the meeting on January 13. We need NUMBERS.


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