Carbondale Neighborhood Action Group Annual Meeting

Saturday, January 23 at9:30am

Carbondale Study Circles, Neighborhood Action Group’s annual Neighborhood Alliance meeting will take place on Saturday, January 23, at First United Methodist Church,  214 W Main

Street, Carbondale. The meeting begins at 9:30am and lasts until noon with a

light lunch following.

This year’s meeting focuses on housing in Carbondale, particularly, homelessness and the nature and issues surrounding Carbondale’s housing market

and stock.  A panel consisting of neighborhood representatives, realtors, and city staff will provide an overview of issues and information, followed by discussion and questions from those attending.

Members of the Alliance hope to initiate an ongoing, community based discussion on issues surrounding housing in Carbondale.  These include financial literacy, lenders in Carbondale, as well as, those listed in Carbondale’s 2009 Comprehensive Plan:  “Historic disinvestment in rental units aimed at a captive student population, recent increase in rental market supply created by new housing options near campus, and an aging housing stock that without rehabilitation is approaching obsolescence”.

For additional information, contact Daniel Presley (626) 487-9747 or Mary O’Hara (618) 713-0820.


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