2016 Meeting of Study Circles—Neighborhood Action Group

For those of you who could not attend, this was an excellent meeting this year. NCNA will advertise the

meeting for those who would like to consider home ownership as soon as a date is set.

February 3rd— 2016 Meeting of Study Circles—Neighborhood Action Group

Attending:  Mary O’Hara, Kathy Benedict, Mary Campbell, Mary Pohlmann, Daniel Presley, Sandy Litecky, Clara McClure

WE are all deeply saddened by the passing of Eric McMillan.  We will miss him very much.

Evaluation and Follow-up on January Neighborhood Alliance Meeting

  1. Overall comments- Went very well.  60-70 attendees; All tables full; looked like discussions went very well;  More minority participation this year; Lots more new people, so we are pleased with the new approach with is issue centered; Mary O. will be

    typing up summaries from the discussions; Appears  people are very interested in the issues around owner occupancy and the data about it; Good discussion on homelessness; appears public radio NPR was where many heard of meeting; Human Relations Commission will be posting data presented at meeting on their website. Need

    to put faces of people memorializing on screen: Kareem did a wonderful job of singing.

  2. Follow-up—takes the following form—two meeting.  One is with Bankers and Realtors to plan one hour free Home ownership Education Seminar.  This will take place at the Old Train depot on February 25th at 5:30.  Daniel is putting this together.   Mary will have summaries of discussion groups ready before then.  Those likely to attend thus far—Century 21; Egyptian Board of Realtor; City Planner Travis Taylor; Daniel is doing the recruitment on this.

The second meeting is for those wanting to learn how to buy a home, a one hour free Home Ownership Education Seminar. Focus of the seminar benefits of home ownership; process; kinds of documents needed.  Realtors will be present.   Sandy Litecky will contact Diane Sussman and Carbondale Library to see if this can be the location; child care will be provided; Possible dates March 29th or 31st during evening hours; She will also organize refreshments; Mary Campbell will contact Maureen Pyle of the Interfaith Council for outreach through churches; The City of Carbondale may help with outreach (mailing); press release needed;

  1. Food went well thanks to contributions of New Kahala; Neighborhood Coop; and Remis.  Much thanks to Sarah Heyer for organizing this.  She also typed thank you notes to them and they were signed at meeting; We had too much bakery; only need one bag of oyster crackers; food left over was taken to Good Sam’s;   It was discussed that next year we should try and make Chili on site and serve.  Need to get food handling license for next year.
  2. Short discussion of continuing research on other cities Rental Inspection programs , rent streams and true market values and property taxes


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