Carbondale Chronic Nuisance Ordinance Discussion This Tuesday at City Council

— To See Draft of Ordinance, click link at bottom of this post.

On April 22, 2016, the City of Carbondale hosted a community forum to receive feedback from the public as to how Carbondale can become

safer and more welcoming.  Following the meeting, six ideas were produced with the top priority being that the City Council should enact a chronic nuisance ordinance.  Over the past several months, Staff

has reviewed ordinances from other municipalities, met numerous times internally, and created the attached draft ordinance for Carbondale.  In addition, Police staff has met with stakeholder groups at SIU to receive input from undergraduate and graduate students. as well as property managers.  At this time, a draft ordinance is being presented for discussion in order for Staff to receive direction and input from Council and the public so the appropriate revisions can be made to create a final version for consideration at a future Council meeting.

Amending Title 13 

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