City of Carbondale

Wednesday, October 5, 2016, at 5:00 p.m.

City Hall/Civic Center, 200 South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale

  1. Attending:  John Lenzini, Gary Williams, Sandy Litecky, Justin Zurlinden, Kathy Benedict, Sarah Heyer, Clara McClure


Oct 8 1:30 pm Yoga in the Park at Town Square Pavilion

Oct 13 7 pm Campus Lake work – Marjorie Brooks at Sierra Club mtg in Township

Oct 19 11 am Tatum Heights B-ball court ribbon cutting

Oct 22 11 am. Tatum Heights celebration in the park

Oct 29 1-4 pm  Pumpkin Race at Mill Street underpass

Nov 9 1-7 pm Streetscape Plan Open House at north end of Carbondale Main Street

Other announcements:

IHOP donated their receipts to Boys and Girls Club and Splash Park

Jeffrey’s Laundromat building will be demolished; look for new office

BP on East Main will become a Casey’s

KFC on East Main is on its way to Panda Express

  1. Reports

Neighborhood Reports— See Tatum Heights’ announcements above—Justin recognized support from SIH, Rotary, and Underground; Clara McClure’s Oakland neighborhood had their annual gathering – 40 people attended, incl. Mayor Henry.

Map Your Neighborhood—Two Presentations—October 12th –SPARC “Weathering the Storm” and in January League of Women Voters

Planning Commission – – Air B&B regulations will be considered at next mtg; inflatable advertising (aka noodleman, air dancer, fly guy) was discussed, since Chamber is proposing that regulations be changed.  Comment: this type of advertising is better suited to an earlier time, before the internet

Other Reports: Gary reported that in some college towns a “group solar buy” is organized and how the City could endorse such an initiative to help get it off the ground.  Solar (or sustainability in general) could be a topic for the Neighborhood Alliance Meeting

  1. Old Business

First-time Home Buyers Education   (Housing Programs)— Sat, Feb 18 room is reserved 10-3. Travis Taylor and Egyptian Board of Realtors will be involved. EBR could produce content. We should get the word out in advance of the Neighborhood Alliance Meeting, which could boost the seminar.

Nuisance Ordinance –  City is still soliciting comments. There is support from landlords who recognize the need, resistance from those who don’t like being told what to do.  Response to concern that it could be abused by landlords: similar language is already in leases; in current market, landlords would be loath to evict tenants.  Some concerns that were raised do not apply to current wording of ordinance.  Observation was made that a nuisance ordinance was sought two years ago, but it morphed into a noise ordinance. One positive outcome will be more effective communication between Building & Neighborhood Services and CPoliceDept.

  1. New Business  —

Beginning Planning Neighborhood Alliance Meeting – Sat Jan 21 is first Sat after MLK Day. 9am-12pm followed by soup. TO DO:  Contact Mary P for reservations; Arrange to cook soup on site;

  1. Public Questions and Comments – None.

Meeting adjourned at 6:10

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