About NCNA

The Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association (NCNA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the historic heritage of the northwest section of Carbondale, IL and the quality of life of all its residents.

Activities designed to meet this aim may include but are not limited to:

  • Seeking special designations to preserve the area and its structures
  • Organizing neighborhood cleanups
  • Fostering neighborhood improvement projects
  • Participating in zoning change negotiations
  • Fostering code compliance and enforcement
  • Supporting crime prevention measures, and in particular, Neighborhood Watch groups
  • Representing neighborhood groups before public bodies
  • Maintaining regular communications
  • Sponsoring social events
  • Fostering mutual assistance, especially with the elderly and disabled
  • Assisting with emergency and disaster preparedness
  • Working with other neighborhood associations to advance mutual interests
  • Facilitating political education and participation, but not endorsing political candidates

General membership is open to all dues-paying residents of the district aged eighteen and older. Membership dues are $10 for households and $5 for individuals, payable in September of each year. Household memberships have a maximum of two votes.

Membership is also available for businesses and not-for-profit groups, including church groups, located within the northwest section of Carbondale, with dues being $10. Each business or not-for-profit groups is entitled to one vote.

The organization’s geographical boundaries are West Main Street, North Illinois Avenue, Little Crab Orchard Creek, and the northern boundary of the City of Carbondale.