Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association Bylaws
Adopted at Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association General Meeting
April 23, 2012
Amended September 29, 2013

Article I – Name

The association shall be called the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association.

Article II – Geographical Boundaries

The boundaries of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association shall be West Main Street, North Illinois Avenue, Little Crab Orchard Creek, and the northern boundary of the City of Carbondale.

Article III – Purpose

The Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the northwest section of Carbondale and the quality of life of all of its residents. Activities designed to meet this aim may include but not be limited to:

  • Seeking special designations to preserve the area and its structures
  • Organizing neighborhood clean-ups
  • Fostering neighborhood improvement projects
  • Participating in zoning change negotiations
  • Fostering code compliance and enforcement
  • Supporting crime prevention measures, and in particular, Neighborhood Watch groups
  • Representing neighborhood interests before public bodies
  • Maintaining regular communications
  • Sponsoring social events
  • Fostering mutual assistance, especially with the elderly and disabled
  • Assisting with emergency and disaster preparedness
  • Working with other neighborhood associations to advance mutual interests
  • Facilitating political education and participation, but not endorsing political candidates.

Article IV – Membership, Dues, and Voting

General membership shall be open to all dues-paying residents aged eighteen or older of the District. Membership dues are $10 for households and $5 for individuals, payable at the General Meeting in September of each year. Household memberships shall have a maximum of two votes.

Membership shall be available for businesses and not-for-profit groups, including church groups, located within the northwest section of Carbondale with dues being $10.  Each business or not-for-profit group shall be entitled to one vote.

Article V – Board and Officers

  1. The business of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association will be carried out by a Board consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and five to seven at-large members. The Editor of the newsletter, the Web Master, and the Immediate Past President shall be ex officio members of the Board with voice but without vote, unless they are also elected Board members. The duties of officers shall be those generally ascribed for those offices. The Board may appoint other representatives and committees to carry out functions of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association at the direction of the Board. Board membership should be representative of the District. No more than one member of a household shall be a voting member of the Board.
  2. Officers and Board members will hold office for two years and may be re-elected for two consecutively succeeding terms.
  3. To avoid conflict of interest, no person who holds a paid position with the City of Carbondale shall be eligible for board membership, but unpaid volunteer membership on city boards and commissions shall not be a barrier to board membership.
  4. Board members who have three unexcused absences within a six month period may be removed from the Board.

Article VI – Elections

Election of Board members and officers as needed shall take place at the Annual General Meeting to be held during September of each year.  Vacancies are to be filled by the Board as they occur.  Only dues paying members may serve on the Board and may vote in elections and at meetings.

Article VII – Meetings

  1. General meetings shall be held as needed but at least once a year in September. Decisions shall be made by a majority of dues paying members attending. A quorum shall consist of one-half of the dues-paying members of the organization or 19, whichever is fewest. Members shall be present at meetings in order to vote. Proxy votes are not allowed unless there is an exception voted upon by the membership.
  2. Board meetings shall be held at least four times a year. Quorum for Board meetings shall be a majority of current Board members and decisions shall be made by a majority of Board members attending. Any member of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association may attend any meeting of the Board. Notice of Board meetings shall be sent to all members one week prior to the meeting.
  3. The Board shall make Minutes of Meetings available to the members in whatever way the Board sees fit.
  4. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern board and general meetings in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Association may adopt, unless an alternative set of rules be approved by a two thirds vote of eligible members present.

Article VIII – Committees

Standing and Ad Hoc Committees may be formed to pursue in a proactive fashion the stated objectives of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association. Committee membership shall be open to all members of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association. Committees shall generally select their own chairperson, set their own goals, and determine their own rules and procedures. They shall submit a report to the Board at regularly scheduled meetings. A Board member generally will be assigned as a liaison for each committee. Committees and Committee Chairpersons may not obligate or speak for the Board or the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association. Committees are to be formed on the basis of need, interest, and organizational stability. A listing of suggested appropriate Committees and their responsibilities is appended to these Bylaws. The committee structure shall be reviewed and renewed each year at the annual meeting in September. Those committees that have not functioned shall be dissolved, and new committees shall be formed as needed.

Article IX – Communications

The Board shall designate a Board member as Communications Officer. This Board may replace the Communications Officer at its discretion. The Board shall oversee regular communications through a newsletter, email list, Website, social media presence, and any other methods of communication as directed by the Board. These will be used only to promote the goals of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association. The Board shall establish whatever policies are necessary to assure the fulfillment of this purpose in accord with accepted professional standards. Information (such as notice of a meeting, minutes, etc.) shall be deemed to have been given to a member if it is sent by post or by e-mail, distributed by flyer, or posted on a web page belonging to the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association.

Article X –  Amendments

Amendments to these Bylaws can be made only by a two thirds vote of members at a General Meeting.   An amendment may be proposed by the Board, or by any five members of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association. Notice of a proposed amendment shall be given to all members at least two weeks before the General Meeting.

Article XI – Liability

No officer or member of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association shall be personally liable for acts or omissions of any officer or member other than himself/herself, whether or not such act was in performance of official duties. No officer or member shall obligate the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association by contract or otherwise, to perform any act or to incur any liability without prior authorization of the Board.

Article XII –  Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association as determined by a vote of the general membership, any assets remaining after payment of debt and liabilities shall be distributed by decision of the Board to similar associations within the City of Carbondale or to similarly oriented non-profit organizations.  Officers, Board members, or private individuals shall not receive material or financial assets that may be extant at the time of dissolution.

Appendix I

Listing of Proposed Standing Committees for the Northwest Carbondale Neighborhood Association
April 23, 2012


  • Maintains and circulates information on the neighborhood association’s official email list
  • Maintains website, Facebook and Google Groups pages
  • Produces newsletter
  • Produces press advisories and press releases


  • Collaborates with Treasurer on dues collection, fund raising, budget development, and audits
  • Maintains current membership list

Membership and Hospitality

  • Coordinates welcome activities and other social and cultural events
  • Coordinates with other groups in the city and neighborhood
  • Recruits new members


  • Calls for nominees one month before the general meeting in September and prepares a list of candidates for the Board and leadership offices that offers a balanced representation of the neighborhood association
  • Circulates the list of candidates to the general membership at least one week before the general meeting in September

Property and Real Estate

  • Assists with favorable zoning changes
  • Coordinates property upkeep efforts and neighborhood clean-ups
  • Monitors City of Carbondale Planning and Development Services activity
  • Monitors code enforcement
  • Seeks preservation designations

Research and Development

  • Coordinates historical research and publications
  • Coordinates with city-wide efforts for better policies affecting neighborhoods
  • Produces documentation of current status
  • Proposes plans and policies for the future of the neighborhood
  • Writes proposals for new and amended ordinances

Safety and Security

  • Coordinates Neighborhood Assistance Teams
  • Supports and coordinates Map Your Neighborhood efforts
  • Supports and coordinates Neighborhood Watch

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